Singing Guide: Michael Johnson

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Learning How to Sing like Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson's singing voice is unique and memorable, thanks to his distinctive tenor range, crystal-clear falsetto, and impeccable musicianship. Whether you're a professional singer or an aspiring one, learning how to sing like Michael Johnson can help you improve your vocal technique, musicality, and performance skills.

Vocal Technique

To start with, it's essential to have a basic understanding of your own vocal range. You can take Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test to know your range and compare it with Johnson's. You can also check out Singing Carrots' Voice Types to classify your voice type. Michael Johnson's voice exemplifies purity and control, which you can achieve by mastering vocal techniques such as breathing, voice registers, pitch accuracy, and articulation.

Breath support is one of the most crucial aspects of Johnson's singing style. By mastering the basics of Active and Passive Breathing, you can get better breath control, pitch accuracy, and vocal endurance. Developing your chest voice and mixed voice registers through Singing Comfort Zone and Voice Break exercises can help you expand your vocal range and avoid vocal break. Such exercises will also develop your timbre and power, allowing you to convey emotional depth in your singing.

Articulation is another crucial aspect of Michael Johnson's singing style. By practicing exercises such as Finger Bite and Glottal Onset, you can develop your attack, diction, and clarity. These exercises involve the use of the soft palate and diaphragm, two essential parts of the vocal mechanism that Michael Johnson utilizes exceptionally.


Michael Johnson's music is a blend of folk, country, and pop, with a focus on lyrical expression, melody, and harmony. It's important to understand the structure of his songs, their tonality, and their harmonic progressions. You can search Singing Carrots' Songbook to find the complete sheet music of his songs, including "Bluer Than Blue," "The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder," and "That's That."

By understanding how his songs are composed, you can learn to interpret them in your own unique style. Singing Carrots' How to Learn a Song Effectively article provides more insights into efficient song learning strategies. The key is to find the meaning behind the lyrics and the melody and make an emotional connection with the song, as Michael Johnson does.


Michael Johnson's performance style is characterized by his laid-back persona and easy connection with the audience. To improve your performance skills, you can take Singing Carrots' Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking course. The course covers various aspects of singing performance, including stage presence, body posture, use of emotions, and communication with the audience.

Singing Like Michael Johnson

The following are the specific Singing Carrots resources to help you sing like Michael Johnson:

  1. Vocal Range Test - Take the test to compare your range with Michael Johnson's.
  2. Voice Types - Define your voice type.
  3. Active and Passive Breathing - Learn the basics of breathing.
  4. Singing Comfort Zone and Voice Break exercises - Develop your registers.
  5. Finger Bite and Glottal Onset exercises - Practice articulation.
  6. Songbook - Find the sheet music of Michael Johnson's songs.
  7. How to Learn a Song Effectively - Learn efficient song learning strategies.
  8. Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking course - Improve your performance skills.

By using these resources, you can improve your vocal technique, learn Michael Johnson's songs, and perform like him on stage. The key is to enjoy the process, take your time, and invest in consistent practice to see results. With Singing Carrots by your side, you can achieve your singing goals and beyond!

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