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How to Sing Like Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell is an Australian singer-songwriter with a sweet, airy, and ethereal voice. Her style is characterized by clear diction, vibrato, and melismatic singing. Her unique technique is influenced by the folk roots, and she incorporates elements of scat singing, yodeling and whistling into her music.


  • Pitch training: Lisa Mitchell's voice is characterized by pitch accuracy. Use the pitch training tool to improve your ear training and pitch-matching skills.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: The vocal pitch monitor tool helps you to see if you are singing in tune. Use this tool to get real-time feedback on your pitch accuracy.
  • Breathing exercises: Lisa Mitchell's voice has a breathy quality that is achieved by controlling breath while singing. Learn how to breathe deeply and control your exhales using the Farinelli breathing exercise.
  • Voice registers: Lisa Mitchell's voice utilizes head voice and falsetto extensively. Practice singing in these voice registers to achieve the same airy and sweet vocal quality
  • Vocal analysis: Lisa Mitchell often employs melismatic singing where she extends notes and syllables. Practice this technique by analyzing and deconstructing her vocal performance.


  • Neopolitan Dreams: This song is characterized by Lisa Mitchell's distinctive yodeling and melismatic singing style. Practice singing along to the melismatic parts to improve your vocal agility.
  • Oh! Hark! Lisa Mitchell's use of scat and vocal improvisation is on full display in this song. Learn to scat sing and improvise by practicing with this song.
  • Coin Laundry: Lisa Mitchell uses a combination of head voice and falsetto to achieve the sweet and airy quality of her vocals in this song. Practice singing in these registers to master the same technique.


To sing like Lisa Mitchell, practice pitch accuracy, breath control, and vocal registers. Analyze her vocal performances to learn and improve your own technique. Sing along to her songs to improve vocal agility and improvisation skills.

Singing Carrots resources such as Pitch training, Vocal Pitch Monitor, and breathing exercises can support you to improve your singing technique.

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