Singing Guide: Life Begins at 8:40

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Learn to Sing Like the Stars of Life Begins at 8:40

If you're a fan of the iconic Broadway musical Life Begins at 8:40 and want to learn how to sing like the stars of the show, then you're in luck. Composed by Harold Arlen, with lyrics by Ira Gershwin and E.Y. Harburg, the unique vocal technique of the singers lies in their sophisticated syncopation and impeccable phrasing, which gives the show a distinctive jazzy and bluesy feel.

To begin, it's important to identify your voice type. Take Singing Carrots's vocal range test to determine your range and match it with the unique vocal qualities of the stars of Life Begins at 8:40. Once you have determined your voice type, visit Singing Carrots's vocal ranges of famous singers to discover the vocal range of the singers of Life Begins at 8:40, such as Ethel Waters and Harry Belafonte. This will help you understand how to perform the songs in their true style.

Next, focus on breath control. Life Begins at 8:40 has several fast-paced numbers that require an excellent breath support system to maintain phrasing and syncopation. Look up Singing Carrots's articles on breath support, active and passive breathing techniques, and breath and warm-up exercises. The Farinelli breathing exercise is especially helpful for developing breath control.

To perfect your phrasing and syncopation, Singing Carrots's articles on voice registers and vocal breaks, avoiding constrictions, and voice articulation provide valuable insights. Learn about the different voice registers and how to use them, especially mixed voice. Singing Carrots's exercises for Twang, Growling, and Vibrato can help you control your voice and develop your style.

The unique sound of Life Begins at 8:40 is built on stylistic articulation, which requires you to open your mouth and throat while singing. Learn more about this technique in Singing Carrots's article on the topic.

Take an active approach to learn and practice the songs. Singing Carrots's articles on how to learn a song effectively and how to practice with intention are essential resources.

Finally, Singing Carrots's educational singing course is a valuable resource for all beginners. Learn the theory of singing and practical tips for developing and maintaining your voice.

To summarize, learning to sing like the stars of Life Begins at 8:40 requires you to:

  • Determine your voice type and match it with the unique vocal qualities of the singers.
  • Develop breath control to maintain phrasing and syncopation.
  • Perfect your phrasing and syncopation through voice registers, vocal breaks, and articulation exercises.
  • Master stylistic articulation by opening your mouth and throat while singing.
  • Practice the songs with an active approach.
  • Take Singing Carrots's educational singing course.

Remember to take care of your vocal health and practice regularly. With the help of Singing Carrots's resources, you'll be singing like a Broadway legend in no time!

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