Singing Guide: Laura Welsh

Singing Guide: Laura Welsh

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Laura Welsh is an English singer and songwriter who gained popularity with her hit song "Undiscovered." Her unique singing style is characterized by smooth, sultry vocals that are at once emotive and controlled, with just a hint of raw power. Welsh's music consists of a mix of indie pop, synth-pop, and electronic sounds, which she weaves together to create a unique and memorable sound.

If you want to learn to sing like Laura Welsh, you'll need to master a few key techniques. Firstly, you'll need to work on your breath control. Welsh's vocals are notable for their impressive control, which allows her to hold long notes and hit challenging leaps with ease. To improve your breath control, check out Singing Carrots' articles on breathing basics and breath support, as well as the Farinelli Breathing and Sustain Vocal videos.

In addition to breath control, Welsh's singing style relies heavily on her use of vibrato, which adds a rich, warm quality to her voice. For tips on how to incorporate vibrato into your own singing, check out Singing Carrot's video on Beggars Bounce and Diaphragm Bounce.

Welsh's singing also relies on a clear, open sound that emphasizes the upper registers of her voice. To achieve this effect, try working on your use of head voice and falsetto, as well as your ability to access your upper vocal registers. Singing Carrots' articles on voice registers and vocal break and chest voice explain these techniques in detail.

To really get a feel for Welsh's unique vocal style, take some time to explore some of the songs in her discography. Her hit song "Undiscovered" is a great place to start, but don't overlook lesser-known tracks like "Soft Control" and "Breathe Me In." Singing Carrots' Song Search tool is a great resource for finding songs that match your vocal range and genre preference.

By mastering techniques like breath control, incorporating vibrato, and emphasizing your upper vocal registers, you can learn to sing like Laura Welsh and develop a vocal style that's all your own. Good luck!

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