Singing Guide: Kirk Dearman

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Kirk Dearman is an American gospel singer-songwriter. He is well known for his gospel blues and praise music. If you are an aspiring singer and want to learn to sing like Kirk Dearman, there are a few things you can do to achieve that voice.

First, take advantage of Singing Carrot's vocal range and pitch accuracy tests to gain an understanding of your vocal range and where you may need improvement. This understanding will then allow you to practice with more purpose in regards to whatever specific vocal range Dearman relies on in his particular style.

Dearman's style also implements some of the traditional singing techniques employed by gospel singers such as breath support, chest voice, and vibrato. Singing Carrots offers educational articles and videos on these techniques. Learn about vocal registers, such as the chest voice, and practice exercises that can help you master expanding your vocal range.

One area where Dearman excels is in his emotive singing. Singing with great emotion and conviction is essential for gospel music. Singing Carrots offers articles and exercises on emotion control and performing to help you effectively convey your feelings during a song.

As far as song recommendations, the song "Let the River Flow" is a great example of Dearman's signature style of gospel blues. Practice moving smoothly from your chest voice to your head voice and using vibrato to add beauty to your singing. Singing Carrot's song search tool can help you find other songs that align with your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference.

If you want to learn gospel singing like Kirk Dearman, you have to practice often. Practicing the right exercises and techniques regularly will help you develop the necessary skills to sing like him. With Singing Carrots, you will have access to helpful resources, including a singing course and progress statistics tracker to monitor your improvements.

Overall, by learning the techniques and exercises utilized by Kirk Dearman, you can take your gospel singing to the next level and master the art of emotive gospel blues.

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