Singing Guide: King Charles

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If you're looking to learn how to sing like King Charles, you're in for a treat. This striking English singer-songwriter performs with a unique blend of falsetto and chest voice that has earned him a loyal fan base. In this article, we'll dive into what makes King Charles' voice so distinctive, and how you can learn to sing like him.

King Charles' Vocal Style

King Charles' vocal style is often described as a fusion of indie, folk, and pop, with a hint of rock. He's known for his powerful falsetto, which he uses to great effect in songs like "Mississippi Isobel" and "Beating Hearts Club." But he's also comfortable in his chest voice, as demonstrated in "Loveblood" and "Deeper Love."

How to Sing Like King Charles

To emulate King Charles’ unique vocal style, you need to develop both your falsetto and chest voice. To start, work on your breathing and posture. Check out Singing Carrots’ breathing basics article to get started.

Next, start training your voice to switch between your chest and falsetto voices. This is called your voice break or mixed voice. Our voice registers & vocal break article explains this aspect of singing in greater detail.

You should start practicing with songs that showcase King Charles' unique vocal style. Try singing "Love Lust" or "Lady of the River" and focus on replicating his vocal style. You can use Song Search on Singing Carrots to find songs matching your vocal range and difficulty.

Sing exercises to warm up your voice, and work to improve your range and pitch accuracy with Pitch Training exercises. Combined with Vocal range test and Pitch accuracy test this will help you improve your vocals overall.


If you're interested in singing like King Charles, then it’s time to start practicing. Work on switching between falsetto and chest voice, improve on your range, and practice with King Charles' songs. Remember to warm up your voice every time you sing, mind your breathing and posture, and you’ll be able to enjoy singing like King Charles in no time.

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