Singing Guide: Kina feat. Adriana Proenza

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Kina is known for creating beautiful, mellow, and atmospheric music that features dreamy vocals and melodies often accompanied with acoustic instruments. Their music has taken the world by storm, and their style, unique. In this article, we will be focusing on how to learn singing in the style of Kina feat. Adriana Proenza, highlighting Adriana Proenza's unique vocal technique and songs showcasing it.

The first thing you need to know when trying to learn to sing like Kina is mastering the art of breath control and breath support. Breath support is essential in producing the mellow and atmospheric music Kina is known for. Articles on breathing techniques provided by Singing Carrots, such as "Breathing Basics," "Breath Support," and "Active and Passive Breathing," will prove essential in understanding these concepts.

Vibrato is an essential component of Kina's singing style that contributes to the dream-like musical atmosphere. Singers who wish to master this style of music must master vibrato and developing an authentic and unique tone. Singing Carrots' "Singing with Vibrato" and "How to Find Your Own Authentic Voice" can help you achieve this.

Kina's music is known for its unique texture and song structure, characterized by ambient sounds and acoustic instruments. To replicate this style of singing, we recommend listening to Kina's "Wish I Was Better," "I Feel Empty," and "Can We Kiss Forever" featuring Adriana Proenza, to name a few. Studying the songs' structure and how the vocals blend with the instruments will develop an understanding of how to achieve Kina's unique atmospheric and mellow sound.

Finally, don't forget to utilize Singing Carrots' tools such as the vocal range test, pitch accuracy test, vocal pitch monitor, pitch training, song search, artist vocal ranges, song-book, and progress statistics. These tools can help you track your progress and improve your singing skills.

In conclusion, breathing techniques, vibrato, unique tone, and unique structure all contribute to achieving Kina's signature style. Following the advice and utilizing the Singing Carrots resources mentioned will help you towards achieving this.

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