Singing Guide: Khalid feat. SAFE

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Learning to Sing Like Khalid feat. SAFE

Khalid Donnel Robinson, better known as just Khalid, is a young American singer and songwriter. He's known for hits like "Location," "Young Dumb & Broke," "Better," and many more, showcasing his unique blend of R&B, soul, and pop music.

In this article, we're going to dive into Khalid's vocal technique, style, and songs that will help you learn to sing like him. We'll also provide you with practical advice and relevant Singing Carrots tools to assist you on your journey.

Vocal Technique

Khalid's vocal style is smooth, soulful, and effortless. He has a beautiful baritone voice that effortlessly glides through his songs. To start learning to sing like Khalid, you'll need to have a good understanding of the following vocal techniques:

  • Breath Control: One of the most defining aspects of Khalid's singing is that he uses his breath impeccably. He's known for long, sustained notes and intricate vocal runs, which require a solid breath support system. Check out this article on breath support to learn more.
  • Mix Voice: Khalid has a unique blend of chest voice and head voice, which creates a distinctive sound. Mixed voice is a vocal technique that allows you to blend these two registers, creating a seamless transition. Check out this video on mixed voice to learn more.
  • Vocal Runs: Khalid is known for his impressive vocal runs, which add a lot of flair to his music. Vocal runs involve singing multiple notes quickly, and often require a lot of practice to perfect. Check out this article on articulation to learn more.
  • Vibrato: Khalid uses vibrato, a slight variation of pitch to add a richer and warmer sound to his voice. Check out this article about singing with vibrato to learn more.

Singing Style

Khalid's music is a blend of multiple genres, including R&B, pop, and soul. His singing style is laid-back, intricate, and smooth. He often incorporates falsetto singing into his songs, which is a great way to showcase his impressive vocal range.

To learn to sing like Khalid, you'll need to work on your phrasing, style, and overall song interpretation. Check out this article on how to learn a song effectively to get started.

When practicing Khalid's music, focus on the following:

  • Song Phrasing: Khalid's songs often have a laid-back, rhythmic feel to them. Focus on phrasing your words in a way that matches the rhythm and lyrics of the song.
  • Singing with Emotion: Khalid's music is emotive, and he often uses his voice as an instrument to communicate a feeling. Practice singing with the right emotion, using your facial expressions and body language to convey the impression you want to create.
  • Use of Falsetto: Khalid incorporates falsetto singing into his songs, which is a great way to showcase his impressive vocal range. Learning to use falsetto can really help you with your overall range and flexibility.

Song Selection

Finally, let's look at a couple of Khalid's most iconic songs and how you can use them to improve your singing technique:

  • Location: "Location" was one of Khalid's breakthrough hits, showcasing his smooth, soulful sound. The song's repetitive melodies and laid-back feel are perfect for practicing your phrasing and breath control.
  • Talk: Khalid's song "Talk" has an upbeat, exciting feel to it, with plenty of opportunities to practice your vocal runs and transitions between chest voice and falsetto.

Singing Carrots Resources

To get the most out of your singing practice, we recommend using the following Singing Carrots tools:

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