Singing Guide: Julio Cesar Sanders

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Julio Cesar Sanders is considered one of the most prominent tango singers of all time. His powerful, melancholic voice expresses both passion and sorrow, capturing the essence of this passionate Argentine music. In this article, we will explore how to learn singing like Julio Cesar Sanders.

Vocal Technique:

Sanders had a strong, forceful voice with a wide vibrato. His expressive singing style incorporated frequent portamentos, where the voice glides smoothly and continuously from one note to another. Sanders also used vocal fry to create a husky, gritty sound and add emotional depth to his interpretation.

Songs to Showcase Technique:

  • "La Cumparsita": This iconic tango standard features a dramatic, soaring melody that allows singers to showcase their range and emotion.
  • "Adiós Muchachos": Another classic tango, this song has a slower tempo and more lyrical quality, allowing singers to focus on phrasing and expression.

Practical Advice:

To learn to sing like Sanders, start by improving your breathing technique and control. Take the Singing Carrots breathing basics article for guidance. Sanders' use of portamento also requires good ear training and understanding of the style. Singers should listen to and sing along with Sanders' recordings, studying his timing, pitch, and emotion. To add vocal fry to your singing, try Singing Carrots' Twang exercise. Remember to keep your mouth and throat open to achieve the desired resonance, as explained in Singing Carrots' Open mouth and throat article.

Relevant Singing Carrots Resources:

We hope this article helps you develop your tango singing skills and appreciate the unique style and artistry of Julio Cesar Sanders.

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