Singing Guide: Johnnie Taylor

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Johnnie Taylor was a soul singer and performer known for his smooth and gentle voice. Taylor's singing technique had an effortless quality, characterized by an emphasis on the melodic line and emotional expression.

If you want to learn how to sing like Johnnie Taylor, a good starting point is to practice the vocal techniques he used to achieve his signature sound.

One of the most crucial aspects of Taylor's singing was his breath control. By developing your breath control, you can better sustain your voice, which is crucial when you are attempting soulful phrases.

Another essential technique to master is vibrato. Taylor's use of vibrato added a lot of emotional nuance to his singing, making it feel even more authentic and soulful.

A good exercise for learning vibrato is to practice singing on the "ah" vowel. Start with a straight tone, then add a slight wiggle to the tone until you achieve a smooth vibrato.

Finally, to sing like Johnnie Taylor, you'll also want to work on your tone. Taylor's sound was characterized by a rich, warm tone that was both resonant and smooth.

To achieve this same sound, focus on singing with an open throat. A lot of Taylor's vocal style came from the fact that he sang with a relaxed and open throat, which resulted in a rich and smooth tone quality.

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