Singing Guide: Johnnie & Joe

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Johnnie & Joe were a rhythm and blues vocal duo composed of Johnnie Richardson (June 10, 1938 – October 25, 1998) and Joe Rivers (March 20, 1937 – March 29, 2017). They sang together in the 1950s and early 1960s and are best known for their hit song "Over the Mountain, Across the Sea," which peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1957.

If you're curious about learning to sing like Johnnie & Joe, there are a few key elements you should keep in mind. One of their defining features was their ability to blend their voices together seamlessly, creating a sound that was both powerful and soulful. To achieve this, you'll need to focus on your vocal harmony skills. Some useful places to start include Singing Carrots' vocal range test, pitch accuracy test, and pitch training exercises.

Johnnie & Joe also had a particularly emotive vocal style that drew heavily from gospel music. This is most apparent in their song "Over the Mountain, Across the Sea," which features soaring, impassioned vocals that crescendo to an emotional climax in the chorus. If you're looking to replicate this style, I'd recommend checking out Singing Carrots' blog post on performing with emotion, which offers practical advice on how to tap into your own emotions to deliver a more compelling performance.

Another important aspect of Johnnie & Joe's sound was their use of vocal registers and voice breaks. To incorporate these techniques, you can start by working on Singing Carrots' exercises for voice registers and voice breaks. Additionally, Singing Carrots' vocal health resources provide excellent insights into how to care for your voice and prevent damage from overuse or misuse.

Finally, it's worthwhile to take a look at Johnnie & Joe's songbook to find songs that showcase their unique style. "Over the Mountain, Across the Sea" is certainly a must-listen, but songs like "My Baby's Gone, On, On," "You Can Always Count on Me," and "My Girl" can also provide valuable insights into their approach to singing. Take advantage of the Singing Carrots' song search to find songs that showcase your own vocal strengths and to practice singing along with the songs you love.

Overall, learning to sing like Johnnie & Joe requires a mix of technical skills and emotional expression. By taking advantage of Singing Carrots' resources and following their practical tips, you can improve your range, pitch accuracy, and vocal harmony while tapping into your own unique style and emotions.

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