Singing Guide: John Hughes

Singing Guide: John Hughes

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Vocal Technique

John Hughes was known for his smooth, clear, and high-pitched voice, which he used to mesmerize his audience. His songs' melodious style and soothing voice set him apart from others. Aspiring singers can learn from Hughes' voice control and perfect pitch for natural-sounding music.

One of Hughes' unique vocal techniques was using his falsetto voice frequently. He incorporated his falsetto into the chorus of his songs, giving them a new, distinctive sound aesthetic. In turn, this technique helped create an angelic atmosphere around his music, making it ethereal and captivating.

Another vocal technique John Hughes utilized effectively was his impressive breath control. He understood that breath control is the key to improving pitch, tone, and quality of voice. By mastering breath control, singers can keep their voice steady and effortlessly hit high notes or sustain low ones. Therefore, breath support and air management are crucial to improving your vocal skills.

Famous Songs

Hughes’ musical talent led him to compose some of the most iconic songs known to mankind. Here are some songs that showcase his unique vocal style:

  1. "Silly Love Songs"
  2. "With A Little Luck"
  3. "Coming Up"
  4. "Band on the Run"
  5. "Let 'Em In"
  6. "No More Lonely Nights"
  7. "My Love"
  8. "Rockshow"
  9. "Juniors Farm"
  10. "Listen to What the Man Said"

Sing like John Hughes

As an aspiring vocalist, you can learn from John Hughes and improve your singing skills on the following fronts:

  1. Master the art of falsetto by using it when converting any song. Singing carrots vocal range test can help you assess your vocal range, and pitch accuracy test can help you improve your pitch accuracy.
  2. Focus on breath support. Use Singing Carrots’ breathing basics guide to understand the breathing techniques and control your singing. Additionally, you can practice with Farinelli breathing exercise.
  3. John Hughes is an excellent example of using storytelling techniques in his music. Practice storytelling and infusing emotions in your singing by watching Relaxing Breath exercise.
  4. John Hughes' songs have complex chord progressions and catchy melodies. Search songs by vocal range and look for his songs to practice and develop your singing.


John Hughes is a legendary musician and songwriter, and his work will always be remembered and cherished. By understanding his unique vocal technique, appreciating his musical emotionality, and learning from his inspirational style, you can develop and enhance your vocal abilities. Use Singing Carrots' tools and resources to improve your singing skills and become a confident and passionate musician like John Hughes.

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