Singing Guide: Jane White

Singing Guide: Jane White

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Learning to Sing like Jane White

Jane White is a well-known singer with a unique style of singing that distinguishes her from other vocalists. She is known for singing jazz, blues, and soul. Jane's vocal technique is heavily influenced by jazz improvisation, which she blends with soulful tones to create a unique sound. To learn how to sing like Jane White, you need to understand her vocal style, practice like she does, and incorporate warm-up exercises in your routine.

Voice Range

  • Jane White's vocal range is from F3 to C6, which is mezzo-soprano.


  • It is essential to master the art of controlled breathing to sing like Jane White. You need to learn passive and active breathing techniques to control the air you inhale and exhale. This blog on breathing basics provides you with a detailed explanation of the importance of breathing while singing.

Voice Registers and Technique

  • Jane White's unique singing style is a result of her ability to use different voice registers and tones effortlessly. She uses chest voice, mixed voice, and head voice, adjusting it according to the note and pitch she is singing. This voice registers and vocal break article provides you with details on how to recognize and master the voice registers.

Phrasing and Interpretation

  • Jane White is famous for her improvisational jazz interludes, which showcase her skill in phrasing and interpretation. She is a natural storyteller and captures the essence of the song she is singing. It is essential to learn how to create melodic phrasing to create a seamless flow between different notes. This How to Learn a Song Effectively article provides techniques on how to interpret and improvise imaginative phrasing.

Practical Exercises

  • To sing like Jane White, you need to practice techniques that reflect her style. Exercises available in the Pitch Training - Educational Singing Game mimic the scale, tone, pitch accuracy and modulations that form the backbone of Jane White's vocal style.
  • Another technique you can practice is twang. You can learn the twang technique by following this link.

Vocal Health

  • It is crucial to keep your vocal cords healthy if you want to sing like Jane White. This vocal health article provides great recommendations on taking care of your voice to ensure its longevity.

Final Thoughts

  • Singing like Jane White requires practice, patience, and dedication. Remember, it is essential to listen to Jane White's music to get a sense of her style, range, and interpretation. With the right resources, mindset, and practice, it's possible to sing like Jane White.


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