Singing Guide: Jacob Collier

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How to Sing Like Jacob Collier?

Jacob Collier is an exceptional young singer, arranger, and composer whose music brims with freshness, complexity, and boundless creativity. His style is marked by identifiable characteristics, ranging from unusual harmonies, intricate rhythms, and phrasing to his four-octave vocal range, astonishing falsetto, and skillful use of vocal distortion. Learning to sing like Jacob Collier requires a unique set of skills and technical abilities. Below we will cover everything you need to know about singing like Jacob Collier.

Vocal Range

Jacob's four-octave vocal range is a major characteristic of his singing. As Jacob sings complex melodies and harmonies, he often explores the upper register of his vocal range. The vocal range test on Singing Carrots can help you determine your range and where your strengths lie.


Understanding how to breathe properly is essential for singing accurately. Active breathing and diaphragmatic breathing are attributes Jacob leverages to improve his singing. Active breathing entails the use of breath support during singing, while diaphragmatic breathing involves inhaling with your diaphragm and creating a steady, even airflow.


Jacob Collier uses unique articulation in his singing. Learning the "finger bite" exercise shown in the resource video can help familiarize you with Jacob's style and improve overall articulation.

Voice Registers

Jacob Collier has explored and mastered many voice registers. He uses his vocal register to create appropriate tones, especially when switching from falsetto to head voice. Understanding head and chest voice is also imperative in achieving Collier's style.

Vocal Distortion

Vocal distortion is a unique style that Jacob uses to explore his voice's limits. Vocal distortion can be trained using the resources provided on Singing Carrots.

Singing with Vibrato

Jacob has mastered the ability to create a fantastic vibrato that adds a unique flavor to his singing style. The resource video indicates how to master vibrato in singing. A helpful tip is to avoid excess jaw tension as it may impact the desired vibrato sound.

Recommended Exercises to Learn Jacob Collier's style:

  • Twang Exercise: This exercise provides an opportunity to exercise Jacob's unique vocal style and art.
  • Understanding articulation and legato – this helpful video guides you on how to sing with proper articulation and sustain, which helps develop Jacob's quick, accented style.
  • Chest Voice Explained – an essential element of Jacob's style is a chest voice. It helps him deliver power and passion to his songs.
  • Glottal Onset – through this exercise, you can learn how to improve breath control and develop Jacob's unique singing style.
  • Stage Tips – these tips will help you learn how to express yourself when performing, just like Jacob Collier.

Recommended Songs to Learn Jacob Collier's Style:

  • "Hideaway"
  • "Human Nature"
  • "Hajanga"
  • "You And Your Love"
  • "Feel"
  • "Moon River"

In conclusion, Jacob Collier is an exceptional young artist whose singing style is a masterful combination of technique, creativity, and innovation. Learning to sing like Jacob Collier requires exploring your voice and developing your unique style while applying his unique techniques. Use the Singing Carrots resources, exercises, and recommended songs to get started on your journey to singing like Jacob Collier.

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