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Learning to Sing like J.D. Souther

J.D. Souther, dubbed by Rolling Stone as "the greatest songwriter no one knows," has written and co-written classic hits for the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, and James Taylor. He has a smooth voice with a melancholic touch that blends beautifully with country, folk, and rock genres. J.D.'s singing style is characterized by his signature crooning, silky vibrato, and subtle phrasing, combined with his mastery of storytelling.

To sing like J.D. Souther, work on these aspects:

  1. Voice type and range

    J.D. Souther has a baritone voice, with a range that spans from A2 to D4. If you are unsure of your voice type or range, you can use Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test to determine your range and compare it to J.D. Souther's.

  2. Breath support

    Breath support is essential for J.D.'s style of singing. Take a look at Singing Carrots' article on Breath Support to learn more about its importance and how to practice it.

  3. Vocal control

    J.D.'s crooning, pitched vibrato, and voice control helps him convey emotions and create a soulful atmosphere in his songs. Learn about how to handle voice registers and control voice breaks by reading Singing Carrots’ article about Vocal Registers.

  4. Timbre

    J.D. Souther's voice is characterized by his expressive, unique tone. He produces this by following Open Mouth & Throat techniques when singing. Read this article to learn more about it: Open mouth & throat.

  5. Emotion

    A hallmark of J.D.’s singing style is his ability to convey emotions through his voice. Read Singing Carrots’ article about Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking to learn more about connecting with your emotions when singing.

  6. Articulation

    J.D.'s subtle phrasing, clear diction, and soft-spoken delivery gives him a vulnerable quality that complements his storytelling. Read Singing Carrot's article on Articulation to improve your ability to pronounce words clearly.

Example Songs:
"Faithless Love," "The New Kid In Town," "You're Only Lonely," "Prisoner in Disguise," "Simple Man, Simple Dream."

Closing Thoughts:
Sing like J.D. Souther doesn't entail chasing imitating, but rather grasping the unique elements of his style and incorporating them into your voice to find your hidden talents and abilities. With the Singing Carrots platform, you can learn more about J.D.'s techniques through the experience of other singers, pitch training, and even our warm-up exercises. Access all these resources and more by joining the Singing Carrots community today!

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