Singing Guide: Imagine Dragons & JID

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Vocal Learning Like Imagine Dragons and JID

Vocal learning is an essential task that requires passion, patience, and hard work to achieve excellent results. In this article, we will discuss Imagine Dragons and JID to understand their unique vocal styles and how you can learn to sing like them.

Imagine Dragons

One outstanding feature of Imagine Dragons' music is their ability to create an infectious energy and anthemic atmosphere. Dan Reynolds, the lead singer, has a unique singing style that blends the strength of rock and the soul of pop music.

To learn to sing like Dan Reynolds, focus on your breath support, chest voice delivery, and use of vibrato to create texture in your voice. Check out Singing Carrots' vocal range test to figure out if your voice range is compatible with Dan's and Singing Carrots' search songs function to find a song within your vocal range to practice; their pitch accuracy test and pitch monitor can help you improve your pitch accuracy with time.


JID is a highly skilled rapper that knows how to blend various vocal techniques to create his sound. With his intricate rapping skills and unique voice projection, he stands out in the crowd.

To learn to rap like JID, practice your breath control, timing, and diction. Additionally, study his emphasis, tone, and delivery in his music, and listen carefully to how he forms his words and how he emphasizes each syllable. You may want to check out the Singing Carrots' articulation and resonance in singing blogs to get more help on this. To improve your performance, try Singing Carrots' free vocal training program and start with the heavy modal, twang, and belting exercises.

Singing like your favorite artists requires proper training, insightful research, and patience. Experimenting with the unique approach of Imagine Dragons and JID may bring out unique perspectives to your style. Note that the resources mentioned in the prompt, Pitch Training: Interactive vocal warm-ups and Songbook: Create your performance set, may also be helpful.

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