Singing Guide: Homer Rodeheaver

Singing Guide: Homer Rodeheaver

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Homer Rodeheaver was an American gospel music composer, publisher, and singer, associated with evangelist Billy Sunday. He pioneered the concept of singing evangelism, and combined the technical skill of vocal range management with a unique blend of classic Christian hymns, popular music, and public speaking. Rodeheaver wrote many songs of his own and published popular hymns in his gospel books and newspapers.

To sing like Homer Rodeheaver, you should have a good control over your vocal range and breathing. Homer Rodeheaver's voice range was baritone. He used his skills to complement his partner, Billy Sunday as together they ministered during revivals. As much as there is no specific way to go about singing like Homer Rodeheaver, understanding his techniques will help you reach your vocal goals.

You can start by identifying your vocal range. Singing carrots offer vocal range tests that help in determining your vocal range. Having a clear understanding of your vocal range will help you manage your voice and improve it during practice. After identifying your vocal range, learn how to manage voice breaks as you sing. The voice starts to break when a singer moves from the middle register to the upper register; understanding this will be critical when singing in baritone.

Breathing is also crucial when singing like Homer Rodeheaver. The singer combined his intense public speaking skills and mastered techniques such as breath control, which is essential in controlling voice projection. Singing carrots offer breathing exercises that will improve your breath support and control. Practicing exercises such as Farinelli breathing, sustain vocal, and active and passive breathing will improve your breathing technique and control.

Homer Rodeheaver's unique blend of Christian hymns and popular music led to the birth of more contemporary vocal techniques such as belting, twang, and heavy modal. Practicing these techniques allows you to produce a smooth and even sound that is stern on tone and pitch. Singing carrots offer courses such as pitch training and visualizers that can help you achieve this.

Steady progress is key when it comes to singing like Homer Rodeheaver. The singing course at singing carrots may come in handy as it covers singing theory and practical tips. Create a set of performance songs that showcase your vocal range and practice them daily. Ensure you use relevant Singing Carrots Resources such as pitch accuracy tests, which help improve pitch accuracy, and vocal pitch monitors, which show your sung notes on a virtual piano.

To sing like Homer Rodeheaver, some of his notable hymns that you can practice on include; I will forget him never, Where the gates swing outward never, it is glory just to walk with Him, and The love of God.

With Singing Carrots resources, practice and consistency, you can indeed learn how to sing like Homer Rodeheaver.

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