Singing Guide: Heather Small

Singing Guide: Heather Small

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Heather Small, the unmistakable voice of M People, is a singer with an extraordinary vocal range and a unique style that combines R&B, pop, and soul. Known for her powerfully expressive voice, rich in husky undertones, Heather Small is an excellent source of inspiration if you want to learn how to sing with passion and presence.

At the core of Heather Small's vocal technique lies her strong breath control. This seemingly subtle technique is essential if you want to produce clear, sustained sounds, and Heather Small is a virtuoso in this regard. To start, practice the Farinelli breathing exercise, which will help you improve your breath control and develop a sense of rhythm.

In terms of songs, Heather Small has many classics under her belt, including "Moving On Up," "Search for the Hero," "One Night in Heaven," and "Don't Look Any Further." These songs give Heather Small a chance to showcase her powerful and rich voice, demonstrating her aptitude for intricate dynamics and riveting interpretations.

However, to truly emulate Heather Small's style, you need to develop your own unique voice. To find your sound, take Singing Carrots' vocal range test to determine your unique range. Once you know your range, Singing Carrots' song search tool can help you find songs that match your voice, and Singing Carrots courses such as "How to analyze your voice" and "Contemporary vocal techniques" can help you refine your singing technique and develop your artistry.

In conclusion, if you aspire to sing like Heather Small, focus on improving your breath control and exploring your vocal range. Heather Small's signature style combines power and soulfulness, and with practice and the right tools to aid you, you too can achieve the same level of vocal virtuosity.

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