Singing Guide: Hansel and Gretel

Singing Guide: Hansel and Gretel

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Hansel and Gretel are well-known figures from a famous, dark fairy tale. However, they are also the stage names of the German opera singers Anja Harteros and Jonas Kaufmann. Both singers are world-renowned and admired for their distinct qualities. In this article, we will explore the unique vocal techniques of both singers and recommend songs to help you learn to sing like Hansel and Gretel.

Anja Harteros is a dramatic soprano and is known for her powerful voice that is both profound and full of emotion. She has a wide vocal range and can perform with a delicacy of touch that is nothing short of breathtaking. Harteros' vocal training was predominantly focused on developing her vibrato, which she can intertwine with her phrasing and inflection to add a sense of beauty and elegance to a piece.

Jonas Kaufmann is a tenor and one of the most famous opera singers globally. He is known for his beautiful voice that has a distinctive neoclassical style and is performed with a velvety sound that flows effortlessly between different registers. Kaufmann's voice is distinguished by its depth and beauty and can evoke a range of emotions thanks to his effortless tonal control and emotional color.

If you're looking to develop a similar vocal skillset as Hansel and Gretel, here are some songs that you can practice and perfect:

  • Anja Harteros - "Un bel dì vedremo" from Madama Butterfly by Puccini: This piece features prominently in Puccini's masterpiece and is a piece that demands the singer to be both dramatic and powerful while still whispering with fragility.
  • Anja Harteros - "Ebben? Ne andrò lontana" from La Wally by Alfredo Catalani: This piece evolves from a delicate opening to a powerful and emotional climax and showcases Harteros' unique vocal control and range.
  • Jonas Kaufmann - "E lucevan le stelle" from Tosca by Puccini: This piece is one of Kaufmann's most famous, an iconic performance from Puccini's masterpiece that showcases his effortlessly beautiful voice.
  • Jonas Kaufmann - "Nessun dorma" from Turandot by Puccini: This aria demands both power and finesse from the singer and remains one of the most famous pieces in all of opera.

To learn how to perfect your voice and develop similar skills to Hansel and Gretel, Singing Carrots offers a range of tools that can help. Their resources include:

  • Vocal range tests to help you find which range suits your voice
  • Pitch accuracy tests to measure your vocal precision
  • The Vocal Pitch Monitor to track your vocal range and progress
  • Pitch Training to improve your range and tonal control
  • The ability to search for songs by vocal range and genre preferences
  • A list of artistic vocal ranges to discover vocal ranges of other musicians
  • A song-book to create your performance set
  • Progress statistics to monitor your improvement
  • A singing course featuring 21 in-depth lessons covering singing theory and practical tips.

Singing like Hansel and Gretel is no easy feat, but with Singing Carrots' range of resources and the above-listed songs, you will find the tools and guidance you need to develop your voice and reach your full singing potential.

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