Singing Guide: Greg Long

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Greg Long is an American contemporary Christian singer and songwriter known for his deep baritone voice and soulful music. Long's music is characterized by his unique vocal technique that combines elements of gospel, soul, R&B, and rock. In this article, we will discuss how to learn to sing like Greg Long and showcase his most famous songs that highlight his distinctive vocal style.

Greg Long's Unique Vocal Technique

Greg Long's voice is deep, rich, and full of soul. His unique voice is achieved by using his powerful chest voice while also incorporating elements of his head voice to achieve a smooth, soulful sound. To sing like Greg Long, it is important to develop an understanding of mixed voice registers, as well as proper breathing, resonance, and articulation techniques.

Breathing Techniques

One of the essential aspects of developing a deep, rich voice is proper breathing techniques. The 'Farinelli Breathing' exercise, a technique that Greg utilizes, is an excellent exercise for developing breath control. The exercise requires the singer to exhale slowly and inhale deeply while maintaining good posture.

Voice Registers

To achieve Greg Long's unique vocal style, it is important to understand mixed voice registers, which combine elements of both the chest and head voice. Singing Carrots' 'Comfort Zone' and 'Voice Break' exercises are excellent tools to help singers develop mixed voice registers and eliminate voice breaks.


Resonance is a crucial factor in achieving strong vocal projection and tone quality. One of the best singing resources for resonance is the Singing Carrots' blog on 'Resonance in Singing.' The blog provides detailed information on how to create good resonance and also offers tips on how to enhance it.


Articulation is key to Greg Long's soulful voice. The 'Finger Bite' exercise, which involves biting the fingers to create tension and controlled articulation, is an excellent tool for developing good articulation technique.

Greg Long's Signature Songs

To better understand Greg Long's unique vocal style, here are three of his most famous songs that showcase his soulful singing:

  1. Satisfied - A great introduction to Greg Long's signature style and soulful singing.
  2. Mercy Said No - A powerful ballad that highlights Long's deep, rich voice.
  3. All the World to Me - A soulful love song that showcases Long's vocal control and expressive singing style.

Singing Carrots Resources

In addition to the songs and exercises mentioned above, Singing Carrots offers great resources for singers looking to embody Greg Long's unique vocal techniques.

Singing Carrots' course on 'Singing for Beginners' is an excellent resource to learn vocal techniques from scratch. The course covers topics such as breathing, voice registers, resonance, and articulation.

If you want to test your vocal range, Singing Carrots' Vocal Range test is another great tool to see where you stand and improve your vocal control.


Greg Long's unique vocal style is a blend of elements from different music genres, which brings out his soulful voice. With the right techniques and resources, you can learn how to sing like him and develop your own soulful vocal style. Start by practicing proper breathing, voice registers, resonance, and articulation techniques, and don't forget to try out Singing Carrots' practical exercises and courses.

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