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Learning to Sing Like Giveon: A Guide

Giveon Mbizo, professionally known as Giveon, is a young American singer and songwriter that has been praised for his unique and soulful voice. His music has been described as a mix of R&B, gospel, and blues, making it very emotional and personal. His stylish and modern approach to singing has quickly taken the world by storm, and becoming like Giveon in singing has become the dream of many. But where do you even start? How can you learn to sing like Giveon and bring that smooth, deep, and rich tone to your vocals?

In this article, we will explore some unique vocal techniques and Giveon's singing style, along with some practical advice and useful Singing Carrots resources to help you develop your singing abilities.

Unique techniques used by Giveon

One of the most striking features of Giveon's singing is his deep and rich vocal tone. This requires a relaxed and controlled breathing technique that allows the sound to vibrate through the body and produce a warm and soulful sound.

Giveon also uses a lot of breath control, singing in a very legato style that creates a smooth and seamless flow between notes. This is particularly noticeable in his ballads, where he uses long and sustained notes to create a very emotional and intense atmosphere.

Another characteristic of Giveon's singing is his use of melisma, a technique where multiple notes are sung on one syllable. This allows for a lot of melody variation within a phrase and gives his music a very unique and distinctive sound.

Songs to learn to sing like Giveon

If you want to learn to sing like Giveon, the best way to start is to listen to his music and try to imitate his unique vocal style. Some of his most popular songs include "Like I Want You," "World We Created," "Heartbreak Anniversary," and "Stuck on You."

To get a better understanding of his singing style, it's essential to study the lyrics, melody, and structure of his music. Pay close attention to the delicate phrasing of his songs and the way he sustains notes.

Singing resources for Giveon's vocal techniques

Singing Carrots has a variety of resources that can help you develop the vocal techniques used by Giveon. Below are some exercises and articles to help you get started.


Vocal Technique:

Practice singing like Giveon:


To learn to sing like Giveon, you must practice your breathing, control, and legato style. You must also study his music and pay close attention to his unique vocal style. Finally, use the practical advice and Singing Carrots resources we've provided to help you develop your voice and become the next Giveon.

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