Singing Guide: Gitte

Singing Guide: Gitte

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How to Learn Singing like Gitte:

Gitte Hænning is a Danish singer known for her versatile, smooth, and authoritative singing style. Her versatile range and resonant tone are enviable and distinguish her from other pop singers. Here are some practical tips and Singing Carrots resources to help you learn to sing like Gitte Hænning.

Know Your Voice Type

Before you start practicing, knowing your vocal range and voice type is crucial. Gitte Hænning has a rich contralto voice, with a range spanning four octaves which demands a dominant lower range and an authoritative backup. Knowing your range will enable you to challenge yourself but also to choose the right songs that fit your voice type. Take our vocal range test to determine your vocal range.

Warm-up and Breath Support

Breathing is often overlooked in singing but forms the basis of good tone production. To sound like Gitte, you need to have control over your breath and breath support. Singing Carrots offers several warm-up exercises and pitch training games to help you build your breath support skills.

Develop Your Vocal Technique

Gitte Hænning's voice is noted for its fullness, richness, and versatility in singing above and below the pitch. To learn how to sing like her, you need to develop fullness in your voice by mastering the chest voice, head voice, and mixed voice.

Singing with Intuition, Skills, and Emotion

One distinguishing characteristic of Gitte’s singing is that she sings with emotion. Singing with emotion isn't merely about singing loudly or on-pitch; it's about conveying the mood and meaning through your voice. Listen to Gitte's songs to understand how she delivers the lyrics with depth, nuance, and subtlety.

Specific Songs and Vocal Techniques to Practice

Here are a few specific songs showcasing Gitte Hænning's unique vocal technique that you can practice singing along with:

  1. "Ich Will 'nen Cowboy als Mann": This song highlights Gitte's expressive lower register and her resonant tone.
  2. "Op Og Ned": This song showcases Gitte's effortless control of vibrato and a mix of tonalities.
  3. "Freu Dich Bloss Nicht Zu Früh": In this song, Gitte demonstrates higher register control and a fluid falsetto.

Singing Carrots resources can help you improve your singing technique. The vocal range test and the pitch accuracy test can help you identify your strong and weak points. Our pitch training game can help you improve your pitch accuracy, and the vocal range search tool can help you find songs that fit your vocal range.

Lifelong Singing Journey

Learning to sing like Gitte Hænning requires dedication, patience, and a good ear for music. Remember to listen, practice, and have fun. At Singing Carrots, we provide educational articles, videos, and exercises to help you learn to sing and maintain vocal health. Check out our singing course for beginners for a comprehensive learning experience. Remember, continuous improvement is a lifelong process.

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