Singing Guide: Gene & Eunice

Singing Guide: Gene & Eunice

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Gene & Eunice were a musical duo active in the 1950s and early 1960s. Both were known for their exceptional vocal range and distinct sound. Their music is a perfect example of Old School Rhythm and Blues mixed with soul elements. These two artists were truly pioneers of their time and are still admired by many music enthusiasts today for their unique style and incredible musical abilities. This article will examine the specific vocal techniques and tips you can use to learn singing like Gene & Eunice.

Gene Forrest, the male half of this duo, was known for his ability to blend his chest voice and falsetto seamlessly. To sing like him, it is important to understand vocal registers and voice break. Singing in the chest voice's lower range and extending its sound higher creates an effortless and smooth transition to falsetto, creating a great vocal sound. In addition, perfecting voice transitions while singing and having excellent breathing control are crucial to mimic Gene's vocal style. Singing Carrots provides excellent resources such as articles on breathing techniques, breath control, and chest voice usage. The Singing Carrots' vocal range test can also help you understand your vocal range and assess how it compares to Gene's vocal range.

Eunice Levy, the female half of the duo, was known for her use of belting technique, which involved extending the voice in the higher ranges to create an intense and powerful singing effect. To master the belting style, focus on opening the throat when singing, which frees up space for the voice to move. Additionally, practicing vocalizing exercises is crucial to improving pitch accuracy and range along with articulation and consonants. The Singing Carrots vocal pitch monitor tool is a great resource to help you visualize your pitch and improve your singing's accuracy.

To perfect your Gene and Eunice-style singing, various Singing Carrots online singing courses can help you learn singing basics, such as voice types, voice registers, and vocal health. Singing Carrots articles on singing theory and vocal techniques like Belting, Twang, and Heavy Modal can also assist you in mastering Gene and Eunice's unique vocal style. Songbook by Singing Carrots will also help you to find Gene and Eunice songs based on your vocal range, the genre preferences, and difficulty.

In conclusion, Gene & Eunice's music is a perfect blend of traditional R&B and soul music. To sing like them, focus on perfecting vocal registers, controlling breath, and using chest voice and falsetto transitions for Gene's sound and perfecting open throat, belting, and articulation for Eunice's style. With Singing Carrots, resources such as articles, exercises, and singing courses, you can learn and improve your singing abilities to become an excellent singer like these legendary musical duo.

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