Singing Guide: Evan Craft

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Evan Craft is an American-born Christian singer-songwriter who gave Latin America a new sound in Christian music. One of his unique vocal technique is his ability to switch between English and Spanish while singing, even in one song. His music has a great combination of contemporary pop, worship, and Latin rhythms that resonate with audiences across the globe. In this article, we will look at how to learn to sing like Evan Craft.

Analyzing Your Voice Type

Before you start with any singer's style, it is crucial to know your voice type. In the Singing Carrots article on voice types, you will find how to analyze your voice and figure out which category it falls in. Once you know your voice type, you can tailor your training according to the requirements of your type.

Breathing Basics

Breathing is one of the essential elements in singing, and it forms the groundwork for a good tone. Active and passive breathing are two types of breath support that help you breathe better and sing without losing your breath in the middle of a phrase. In the article on breathing basics, we learn to breathe more efficiently by engaging the diaphragm. We also learn the importance of being grounded when it comes to breathing for singing.

Vocal Registers & Vocal Break

Evan Craft is known for his mix of contemporary pop with worship and Latin, which requires him to take advantage of multiple registers while singing. It is essential to know about voice registers from the article on voice registers and vocal break. You will learn why it is essential to practice transitioning from one register to the other.

Open Mouth and Throat

One of the unique vocal techniques used by Evan Craft is his ability to switch between languages while singing. It requires the mouth and throat to be open to accommodate sounds that are not in your native language. Knowing how to keep your mouth and throat open is covered in the article on why to open mouth and throat while singing.

Perform with Feeling and Emotion

Evan Craft's songs are all about worship and connecting with the audience through music. His music often requires an emotional connection with the lyrics, which comes with singing from the soul. The Singing Carrots article on singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking guides you on how to connect with your emotions while singing.

Practice with Vocal Training Tools

Singing Carrots offers excellent resources for singers to develop their vocal skills and practice techniques used by successful singers. The vocal range test, pitch accuracy test, and pitch monitor help you better understand your vocal range, pitch, and pitch accuracy. Pitch training is suitable for improving pitch, range, and agility. The singing course is an excellent tool for beginners who want to learn the basics of singing. Use these tools to your advantage.

Practice with Evan Craft's Songs

Listening to and studying Evan Craft's music can introduce you to his unique style and approach to singing. Songs like "Be Alright" and "Principio y Fin" showcase Evan Craft's Latin pop style with worship music elements. Remember to analyze his vocal technique and find the parts that may be challenging for your voice. Make them the focus of your practice.


Evan Craft is an extraordinary singer with a unique blend of Latin rhythms, worship, and contemporary pop. Learning to sing like him requires an understanding of your voice type, breath support, and an appreciation for emotion-filled performances. Following Singing Carrots' articles and using their resources to build your vocal skills will help you achieve your goals.

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