Singing Guide: Emily Bear

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Learning to Sing Like Emily Bear

Emily Bear is a gifted songwriter, pianist, and singer who started playing classical piano at just the age of 2. Today, she is known for her unique style of singing, characterized by her ability to blend Jazz, classical and pop, making her one of the most talented youth performers.

Understanding Vocal Range

Emily's singing style relates highly with jazz and classical genres, where the use of mezza-voce, singing through a mask, and a high-pitched pure tone are critical. To learn singing similarly, you need to master both your head and chest voices and undertake regular vocal exercises to control your pitches.


A good singer knows that good posture is essential to perfect their sound. Straightening your back, keeping your shoulders relaxed, and relaxing your jaw will help in delivering pure sound, just like Emily. A great way to practice posture is to stand against a wall while singing, making sure your shoulders, heels, and back head touch the wall.

Diaphragm Control

Emily's unique style of singing also blends features that require beginners to have exceptional mastery of breath control and diaphragmatic support. Deep breathing exercises, like Farinelli Breathing, will help you to build diaphragmatic control that helps create smooth transitions between pitches.

Songs Showcasing Emily’s Unique Vocal Technique

Emily Bear's singing is unique in that you can hear elements of swing and other early jazz styles. The following are some of her songs that showcase her unique vocal technique:

  1. Wishful Thinking (Dollhouse): The song features a high-pitched pure tone, which is the most notable feature of Emily's unique vocal technique.
  2. In Love! In Love! In Love!: This song features Emily's incredible speed in delivering lyrics, making her stand out as an exceptional youth performer.
  3. August: The song is an instrumental piece featuring Emily's incredible jazz-style piano playing and soothing vocals.

Incorporating Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots provides excellent resources to improve your singing skills. Here are the most relevant resources that can help you learn to sing like Emily Bear:

  • Vocal Range Test: This resource will help identify your vocal range, which is crucial in mastering some of Emily's vocal techniques.
  • Pitch Training: This resource will help you improve your ability to control different pitches and deliver a unique sound like Emily's.
  • Songs Matching Your Vocal Range: This resource will help you find songs that match your vocal range, making it easy to learn and practice the vocal techniques used in Emily's songs.

By understanding the basic principles of singing as well as incorporating Singing Carrots resources, you can start your journey to learn and sing like Emily Bear.

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