Singing Guide: Elmo & Patsy

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If you're looking to learn how to sing like Elmo & Patsy, the duo who created the catchy Christmas tune, "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer," that's easy - you can't. No one sings like these two unless they're parodying their unique style. However, there are some aspects of the song that we can examine and practice ourselves.

Firstly, let's take a look at the lyrics. The song is a story sung in the first person, delivered with a witty and conversational tone. To learn how to perform this song effectively, it's important to understand the vocabulary, phrasing, and overall mood. Analyze the content of the lyrics, recognizing the comical elements, rhymes, and musicality. You can then apply these elements to your performance of the song, being sure to pronounce each syllable carefully and bring out the humor in the lyrics.

Secondly, let's move to the musical part of the song. The song is sung in the style of country music with a slight twang. To achieve a similar effect in your voice, you could follow the "How to Twang" exercise video available on our Singing Carrots resource page. This exercise will give you control over your voice and enable you to use a healthy twang without damaging your delicate vocal cords.

It's also important to warm up your voice before starting to sing, and our "Farinelli Breathing" exercise video will help you do just that. Additionally, you can use our "Singing Comfort Zone" exercise video to train your voice to recognize and master different voice registers.

Finally, it's always beneficial to practice with a pitch accuracy test, a vocal range test, and our pitch training game, as they will ensure that you are not only singing in tune but also working within your vocal range. This, in turn, will help you avoid vocal strain and ensure that your performance is the best it can be.

In conclusion, while you may not be able to sing precisely like Elmo & Patsy, it is possible to perform and enjoy their festive hit song by studying the lyrics and their witty delivery, practicing twang, warming up before singing, practicing different voice registers, and using our pitch training tools. Happy singing, and maybe one day, you too will come up with a hit Christmas classic!

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