Singing Guide: Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv

Singing Guide: Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv

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Ellie Goulding and Lauv are both popular singers well known for music that's both catchy and unique. Ellie Goulding is famous for her high-pitched, breathy voice and unique vocal style, while Lauv is known for his smooth, expressive singing voice. In this article, we'll explore how to learn singing like Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv, including their unique vocal techniques, best songs to showcase their skills, and some practical advice and resources from Singing Carrots.

Ellie Goulding's Unique Vocal Technique

Ellie Goulding is know for her signature falsetto vocal style, which is soft and breathy, and can sound almost like a whisper. She often uses falsetto in the choruses of her songs, particularly when she's singing high notes, and combines it with an airy, fluttery vibrato. She also frequently employs vocal runs and melismatic passages, which involves singing multiple notes on one syllable, creating a kind of vocal ornamentation.

Lauv's Unique Vocal Technique

Lauv's voice is characterized by its smooth tone and emotional expressiveness. He often sings in his lower register, infusing his songs with warmth and depth. One of his signature vocal techniques is his use of vocal fry, a crackly, raspy sound that he employs to create emotional depth and texture in his singing. Additionally, he uses subtle inflections in his phrasing to imbue his songs with a sense of intimacy and vulnerability.

Songs to Showcase Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv's Vocal Techniques

One of the best ways to learn to sing like Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv is to study their songs and try to replicate their unique vocal techniques. Some of their most popular songs to showcase their skills include:

  • "Slow Grenade": This song features Ellie Goulding's signature falsetto and melismatic runs, as well as Lauv's emotive singing style.
  • "I'm So Tired...": This song features Lauv using his signature vocal fry and emotional phrasing, combined with Ellie Goulding's breathy vocal style.
  • "Love Me Like You Do": This song is a great example of Ellie Goulding's use of falsetto and airy vibrato, particularly in the chorus.

Practical Advice and Singing Carrots Resources

If you want to learn to sing like Ellie Goulding ft. Lauv, there are several practical techniques you can try, such as:

  • Practicing singing in your falsetto range, using exercises like Singing Carrots' range test and pitch accuracy test to improve your control and accuracy.
  • Working on your vibrato by singing sustained notes and varying the speed and width of your vibrato.
  • Experimenting with vocal fry, using Singing Carrots' pitch training exercises to improve your control and accuracy.
  • Using Singing Carrots' pitch monitor to help visualize your singing and identify areas where you can improve your technique.

Additionally, Singing Carrots' educational singing course is a great resource for learning about proper vocal technique and the basics of singing. With lessons on topics like breathing, voice registers, and vocal health, you'll be well on your way to singing like a pro in no time.

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