Singing Guide: Dick Haymes

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Dick Haymes was a hugely popular pop and jazz singer in the 1940s and 1950s, known for his warm baritone voice and smooth phrasing. His style was marked by an easy, relaxed delivery, and he became one of the most loved balladeers of his era. To learn to sing like Dick Haymes, you'll need to work on developing a smooth, flowing, and relaxed vocal style that emphasizes both characterization and musicality.

One of the hallmarks of Dick Haymes' vocal style was his fluid, legato phrasing. You can develop this type of phrasing by practicing smooth vocal exercises, such as long, sustained note runs, and focusing on keeping a consistent airflow and tone throughout your range. Singing along to your favorite Dick Haymes tunes can also help you internalize his phrasing style and incorporate it into your own singing.

Another key element of Haymes' singing is his ability to convey emotion through his voice. Work on developing your own emotional range and ability to express yourself through song by practicing acting techniques, such as visualization and character analysis. By imagining specific scenarios and contexts for each song, you can create a more convincing and engaging performance that reflects the song's intended emotional content.

If you're interested in exploring Haymes' songs more deeply, Singing Carrots has a number of helpful resources to guide you. Start by testing your vocal range with the Vocal range test and finding songs in your range using the search songs feature. Our pitch accuracy test can help you identify any pitch issues you may be having, and the pitch training exercises can help you improve your accuracy and control. Other articles on the Singing Carrots site can help you develop specific singing skills, such as how to learn a song effectively or how to analyze your voice. And if you're looking for a more comprehensive approach to singing, our singing course covers everything from breathing techniques to performance skills.

To wrap up, if you're looking to learn how to sing like Dick Haymes, focus on developing a smooth, flowing vocal style that emphasizes both emotional expression and musicality. And make use of the many resources available at Singing Carrots to help guide you on your vocal journey!

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