Singing Guide: Chris Janson

Singing Guide: Chris Janson

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Chris Janson is an accomplished singer-songwriter known for his energetic live performances and unique vocal style. Janson has cited various influences, including Hank Williams, Keith Whitley, and Garth Brooks.

To learn how to sing like Chris Janson, it is important to analyze the characteristics of his singing style and incorporate some of the following techniques into your own singing practice.

  • One of Janson's signature vocal techniques is his use of vibrato and twang. In his hit song "Buy Me A Boat," Janson showcases his twang in the chorus, while in "Drunk Girl," he uses vibrato to convey the emotional power of the song. To master these techniques, you should practice exercises such as the "How to Twang Exercise" and "Singing with Vibrato." Singing Carrots also offers a tool for visualizing pitch accuracy, the "Vocal Pitch Monitor," that can help you practice both twang and vibrato.
  • Breath support is key to executing Janson's energetic and emotive vocals. Exercises such as the "Farinelli Breathing" technique and "Breath Support and Respiration" can help you with breath control, which is essential for hitting high notes and maintaining vocal stamina.
  • Janson also makes use of chest voice and voice registers to create a unique sound. Exercises such as "Chest Voice Explained" and "Voice Break" will help you develop control in transitioning through your voice registers.
  • Finally, to learn songs like Janson, it is important to practice effectively. Use techniques like the ones in the "How to Learn a Song Effectively" article to help you master tricky melodies and challenging lyrics. Singing Carrots also offers a vast library of songs to choose from, sorted by vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference, which can help you find songs to match your skill level.

By incorporating these techniques into your daily singing practice, you can learn to sing like Chris Janson. And should you seek more vocal tips, Singing Carrots has its comprehensive educational course, Singing for Beginners, that covers singing theory and practical tips.

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