Singing Guide: Charade

Singing Guide: Charade

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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Charade was an American actress, who was also known for her singing. She had a unique vocal style that combined a playful, almost childlike quality with a sultry edge. Her voice was characterized by a breathy quality and a distinctive vibrato.

To learn to sing like Charade, it's important to first focus on breathing and breath support. Singing exercises like the Farinelli Breathing can help you develop the breath control needed to achieve Charade's breathy, sultry sound.

Charade had a lot of success with jazz standards like "Black Coffee" and "Oh! Look at Me Now." These songs showcase her ability to create a playful and seductive vocal style that added to her already considerable acting talent.

To incorporate Charade's vocal style into your own singing, it's important to focus on voice placement and mouth/throat position. The Singing Carrots article "Open Mouth & Throat" provides practical tips for achieving a relaxed singing position.

Additionally, using the Pitch Training educational singing game can help you develop your pitch accuracy and range, which are important for singing in Charade's style.

Finally, Charade's unique vibrato can be difficult to learn, but the Singing Carrots video "Beggars Bounce" and "Diaphragm Bounce" provide helpful exercises to help you develop this important technique.

By focusing on breath support, mouth and throat position, and pitch accuracy, you can learn to sing like Charade and add her unique vocal style to your own singing. And with Singing Carrots' resources, including the vocal range test, pitch accuracy test, Pitch Training, and singing course, you have everything you need to become a better singer overall.

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