Singing Guide: Carly Pearce

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Carly Pearce is a country music artist known for her sweet and expressive vocals. Carly uses a lot of storytelling in her music, using her voice to convey a range of emotions such as heartache, joy, and nostalgia. As a beginner vocalist, Carly's unique vocal technique can be an inspiration for you to develop your vocal range, control, and storytelling ability. Here are some tips to help you learn how to sing like Carly Pearce, along with helpful tools and resources.

Vocal Range

Carly Pearce has a strong vocal range and uses it effectively to express a range of emotions in her music. To develop your vocal range, try the vocal range test available on to get an idea of where your range might sit. Once you've established your range, try expanding it slowly by practicing scales and performing regular vocal exercises.

Breathing and Support

Breath support is crucial in singing, and Carly Pearce's music is no exception. To learn how to breathe effectively while singing, try out some breathing techniques like the Farinelli breathing exercise and breath support exercise. With practice, these exercises can help you to breathe and sing with more control and power.

Voice Registers and Breaks

Understanding your voice registers can also be crucial in enhancing your vocal technique like Carly Pearce. Go through this guide to voice registers and vocal breaks to learn more about the different registers of the voice. Additionally, learn how to strengthen your mixed voice and minimize your break by using the voice break and mixed voice exercises.


Articulation is equally important in country music like Carly Pearce's, and it directs the audience through the story you’re telling with your voice. To develop your articulation skills, try out the finger bite exercise from Singing Carrots.


Choosing songs in your comfortable range is a better way to start practicing your new skills than trying to tackle anything too difficult. Singing Carrots has a vast collection of songs that you can use to practice in Carly's style. Visit the song search tool and filter your search by level, genre, and vocal range. You can also take Carly Pearce's songs like "It Won't Always Be Like This," "I Hope You're Happy Now," and "Hide the Wine" and make them your own.


With this guide’s tools, tips, and targeted exercises, you are well on your way to learning how to sing like Carly Pearce. Remember to practice consistently, explore a range of material, and integrate your personality and storytelling to your performances. Good luck!

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