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Vocal Analysis of Miles Kurosky

Miles Kurosky's voice is a mix of theatrical and natural singing qualities. He often goes from a full chest voice to a falsetto register to create an iconic sound that is unmistakably his. His voice is also characterized by a unique nasal resonance that gives it a warm and round quality, which is especially pronounced when he sings falsetto. He is also known for his clear enunciation and ability to convey complex emotions through his singing.

Breathing and Support

Good singing begins with proper breathing and support. The breathing technique is essential in singing, as it provides the necessary airflow to your vocal cords. Active breathing exercises and diaphragmatic support are vital techniques to improve your singing and counteract physical stress that can lead to vocal damage. The breath support article is an excellent reference for beginners.

Resonance and Nasality

Miles Kurosky's unique voice is also due to his use of nasal resonance. The nasal sound is notable and perhaps even stylish in indie music. However, too much nasal sound can make your voice sound 'pinched' and 'small.' The soft palate and stop sounding nasal exercises are helpful to reduce excessive nasality.

Open Mouth and Throat

To increase the clarity of your singing voice, it's essential to keep your mouth and throat open while singing. You can learn more about this technique in the article why to open mouth and throat while singing. This exercise also allows you to reach higher or lower notes with ease, eliminating any strain or stress on your vocal cords.

Song Selection

To sing like Miles Kurosky, it is also important to select songs that are in your vocal range and highlights your unique voice. Some Beulah songs that showcase his vocal technique include "Score from Augusta," "The Rise and Fall of Our Hero's Reward," and "Gravity's Bringing Us Down." These songs range from upbeat rockers to slow ballads, highlighting the full range of Miles' vocal style. You can find Beulah's song lyrics, sheet music, karaoke, and YouTube audio through Singing Carrots song-book, which is accessible through start now.


Learning to sing like Miles Kurosky can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By incorporating proper breathing and support, improving resonance and nasality, and finding suitable songs for your voice, you can develop a singing style that is uniquely yours. Remember, your singing voice is like a musical instrument and is susceptible to damage if not taken care of properly. Ensure you take care of your voice by following the vocal health advice provided in the vocal health article.

Start your practice by trying the Farinelli breathing exercise as demonstrated in this video, and enjoy singing like Miles Kurosky. Good luck!

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