Singing Guide: Berwyn

Singing Guide: Berwyn

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How to Sing like Berwyn: A Guide to Emotive Poetics and Soulful Introspection

Interested in the genre-bending balladry and soulful introspection of Berwyn, the prolific young artist from Trinidad and Tobago? Look no further. Our guide delves into the signature vocal stylings, songwriting techniques, and musical influences that make Berwyn a standout in the contemporary UK music scene. Plus, we'll show you how to use Singing Carrots tools to hone and express your own emotive poetic voice.

Vocal Style

Berwyn has been praised for his evocative, soulful vocal delivery, infused with a rawness and vulnerability that resonates with audiences. Here are some key techniques to emulate:

  • Dynamics: Berwyn's vocals shift powerfully throughout each song, moving from hushed, intimate whispers to powerhouse belting. Try practicing dynamic range exercises in Singing Carrots' pitch training tool to master this technique.
  • Emotive Poetics: Berwyn's lyrics often dig deep into personal themes like identity, loss, and love. Look to his songwriting for inspiration and try singing your own emotionally charged lyrics with this Singing Carrots exercise on finding your authentic voice.
  • Tonal Variation: Berwyn's vocal timbre is unique and identifiable, shifting between rough, raspy textures to smooth, buttery notes. Develop this technique for yourself with the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test, incorporating exercises to improve your tone control.
  • Rhythmic Flow: Berwyn's music is characterized by syncopated, off-beat rhythms that give his songs an organic, free-flowing feel. Practice rhythm exercises in Singing Carrots' pitch training tool, with tracks tailored to different genres.


Berwyn's songwriting draws on his personal experiences, often packing deep emotional impact into succinct, poetic lyrics. Look to his discography for themes and techniques to incorporate into your own lyrics:

  • Introspection: Berwyn's music focuses heavily on introspective themes, exploring his own psychology and experiences with vulnerability. Try to approach writing from a personal angle, allowing your own experiences to inform your creative output.
  • Evocative imagery: Berwyn's lyrics often use vivid, metaphorical language to evoke strong emotions. Experiment with using descriptive language to create memorable images in your writing.
  • Repetition: Berwyn's songs often employ repetition of key phrases and themes, creating a sense of cyclical, circular narrative. Try to incorporate repetition into your own songwriting, experimenting with variations in tone and melody.

Berwyn's Influences

Berwyn's music draws from a wide variety of genres, from jazz and soul to indie rock and electronic music. Here are a few key influences to explore:

  • Gil Scott-Heron: Berwyn has cited the legendary poet and musician as a major influence on his work, particularly Scott-Heron's use of spoken word and socially conscious lyrical themes.
  • Amy Winehouse: Winehouse's soulful music and raw vocal delivery have been cited by Berwyn as a key inspiration in his own work.
  • King Krule: London-based artist King Krule shares Berwyn's eclectic musical tastes, blending influences from jazz, punk, and indie rock into a distinct style all his own.

Singing Carrots

Looking to hone your own vocal and songwriting skills? Singing Carrots offers a range of tools and resources for singers of all levels:

  • Pitch training tool: Improve your pitch accuracy with exercises and games tailored to different genres.
  • Vocal range test: Determine your vocal range and compare it to famous singers to guide your song choice.
  • Song search: Find new songs to cover that align with your vocal range and preferences.
  • Educational singing course: A comprehensive 21-lesson course covering singing theory and practical tips.

With these tools and techniques at your disposal, you'll be well on your way to developing your own emotive poetic voice, in the vein of Berwyn's raw, soulful style. Happy singing!

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