Singing Guide: Aaron Spiro

Singing Guide: Aaron Spiro

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Aaron Spiro is a multi-talented artist who combines his background in jazz and pop with the sounds and rhythms of his Israeli roots. For those seeking to learn how to sing like Aaron Spiro, we have put together some valuable resources and advice to help you achieve some of his unique vocal techniques and styles.

Aaron Spiro's Unique Vocal Technique:

Aaron Spiro is known for his powerful and emotive vocals that blend jazz, pop, and world music. One of the most notable technical qualities of Aaron Spiro's voice is his use of vibrato. Vibrato is an essential tool for any singer looking to express emotions and convey depth in their songs. Vibrato involves the rapid oscillation between two notes, which creates a wobbling effect in the voice. This technique not only adds texture to the voice but also helps the singer sound more polished and professional.

Additionally, Aaron Spiro's singing style involves vocal improvisation and melisma, which are common features in jazz and world music. Vocal improvisation refers to creating 'off-the-cuff' melodies while singing, similar to how an instrumentalist might improvise a solo. Melisma is the practice of singing multiple notes on a single syllable, typically found in gospel and jazz music.

Songs to Showcase Aaron Spiro's Vocal Technique

If you're looking to master Aaron Spiro's vocal style, there's no better starting point than his discography. Here are a few songs we recommend practicing:

  1. "Elohim Chai" - This song showcases Aaron's powerful vocal range and ability to seamlessly transition between high and low notes.
  2. "B'shebachot Hashachar" - This song emphasizes Aaron's unique style of mixing jazz and world music, particularly through his use of vocal improvisation and melisma.
  3. "Adon Olam" - This song highlights Aaron's command over timbre and tone while showcasing his mastery of vibrato.

Practical Advice:

Here are some practical tips on how to learn singing like Aaron Spiro:

  1. Improve your vibrato by practicing a simple exercise such as humming a note and then transitioning between two different pitches while maintaining the same rhythm.
  2. Practice improvisation by experimenting with different melodies and scales. Start by humming a simple melody, and then try to create variations on it.
  3. Work on breath control and support through exercises such as the Farinelli Breathing exercise and the Sustain Vocal exercise.
  4. Practice articulation to improve clarity in your singing, using exercises such as the Finger Bite exercise.

To practice and improve your singing, Singing Carrots offers a range of tools, including:

By utilizing these resources and tips, you can start to develop your voice toward Aaron Spiro's unique style. Focusing on Aaron Spiro's vibrato, vocal improvisation, and melisma are excellent techniques to improve your singing and create more emotion and style in your performances.

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