How to Learn Singing “Politik” from Coldplay

How to Sing “Politik” by Coldplay

“Politik” by Coldplay is a unique song that employs several vocal techniques that will challenge both beginning and seasoned singers. A crucial technique used in this song is the transition from chest voice to falsetto.

Understanding Your Voice

Before you start learning “Politik,” it’s essential to analyze your voice to identify your vocal range and ability to switch registers. Chester Bennington, a famous singer who also employed this technique in songs like “In The End,” used his chest voice for the verses and a piercing falsetto for the climactic parts. You can get a feel for your range using Singing Carrots’ vocal range test.

Transitioning Between Registers

In “Politik,” Chris Martin transitions smoothly between his chest voice and falsetto, controlling his breath and supporting his voice with proper breath support. To master this technique, understanding voice registers and how to navigate breath support is vital. Singing exercises like Mixed Voice and Sustain Vocal can help in gaining control when switching registers and sustaining the long notes in the song.

Singing with Emotion

“Politik” is a deeply emotional song. Expressing these emotions through singing involves singing with intuition, skills, emotion, and thinking. Intuition and emotion provide the soul, while skills and thinking guide the technique.

Improving Your Singing

Incorporate Singing Carrots’ pitch training into your daily routines to work on your pitch accuracy. It also offers an Educational Singing Course that can help beginners to get started or professionals to further hone their skills.


“Politik” presents a unique challenge and a fantastic opportunity to advance your singing skills. Practise regularly, take good care of your vocal health, practice good posture, and don’t forget to express the song’s soulful emotion, and you’ll be well on your way to delivering a compelling rendition of this Coldplay classic.