How to Learn Singing “Faith” from George Michael

Learning to Sing ‘Faith’ by George Michael

‘Faith’ by George Michael is a fantastic song that incorporates a distinctive ‘Twang’ vocal technique – it gives the voice a bright, edgy sound. This vocal technique is also used in other popular songs like ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson and ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele.

Understanding Twang

Before you begin singing ‘Faith’, it’s crucial to learn the Twang technique. Refer to Singing Carrots’s article on Contemporary Vocal Techniques and this Twang Exercise video.

Analyzing Your Voice

Analyze your voice using Singing Carrots’s Vocal Range Test and Pitch Accuracy Test to ensure your range aligns with the song.

Mastering the Song

Start with a Warm-Up. Then, practice the song slowly to nail down each note accurately.

As you’re practicing, aim for clear articulation, especially in the fast-paced chorus. Check out the Articulation article and Finger Bite Exercise video for guidance.

Remember, proper breathing and posture are also instrumental in executing the song effectively. Refer to Singing Carrots’s articles on Breathing Basics, Breath Support and How Posture Affects your Singing.

Perfecting the Performance

Once you’ve mastered singing ‘Faith’, focus on delivering an engaging performance. The Overcoming Stage Fright and Performance Tips articles can be beneficial.

Additional Resources

You can delve deeper into the vocal technique of George Michael by exploring his vocal range within the extensive list of Vocal ranges of famous singers. You can also find songs matching your vocal range using the Song Search tool.

Lastly, continue learning and improving with Singing Carrots’s Singing Course and other Pitch Training Resources.