How to Learn Singing “Union City Blue” from Blondie

Learning “Union City Blue” by Blondie

“Union City Blue” by Blondie is a classic piece that showcases powerful vocal techniques. Singing it effectively requires mastering specific skills, including breath control, vocal registers, and resonance.

Vocal Technique: Chest Voice and Mixed Voice

In “Union City Blue,” Debbie Harry uses a mix of chest voice and mixed voice. Chest voice is a full, rich, and resonant sound produced using the lower part of the vocal register. Mixed voice combines the resonance of chest voice with the pitch flexibility of the head voice. Watch and practice with these videos for understanding and mastering Chest Voice and Mixed Voice.

Mastering Breathing Technique

Good breath control is essential for sustaining long melodic lines in this song. You can practice correct breathing technique using exercises like the Farinelli Breathing method.

Exploring Resonance

Exploring the resonance in your voice allows you to produce bright vocal tones, a crucial aspect of Debbie Harry’s singing style. Use our Pitch Training feature to build vocal agility and enhance resonance.

Practicing the Song

Use the step-by-step guide to learning a new song effectively, considering factors like understanding the lyrics’ meaning, getting familiar with the melody, and incorporating the tune’s emotional undercurrent. Practice singing “Union City Blue” using the Song Search tool, adjusting for your vocal range using our Vocal Range Test.

Similar Vocal Techniques in Other Songs

Chest voice and mixed voice techniques can be heard in other famous songs such as “Dream On” by Aerosmith and “Edge Of Seventeen” by Stevie Nicks. Remember, the aim is to find your authentic voice, not merely to copy these artists. Use their techniques as a reference and inspiration for your vocal journey.

Happy singing!