How to Learn Singing “Turning Page” from Sleeping At Last

Learning to Sing ‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping At Last

‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping At Last is loved by many for its emotional delivery and the distinctive vocal technique it incorporates. This song uses the technique of belting, which allows the singer to reach higher notes with power and resonance, often seen in pop and rock genres.

This technique is not exclusive to ‘Turning Page’ but is also used in popular songs like ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey. It’s a skill worth mastering, not only to cover these songs but also to unlock your vocal potential.

Steps to Learn the Song

  1. Understanding Your Voice: Before anything else, understand your voice using the Vocal range test. Also, read this article to get a more comprehensive understanding.
  2. Master the Lyrics: Learning the lyrics helps you connect with the song, focus on the vocal technique, and deliver the emotions effectively. Spend some isolated time with the lyrics running in your mind.
  3. Understand Belting: Learn from our resource on contemporary vocal techniques. It is essential to practice this technique with proper warm-ups and correct approach. Improper belting could strain your vocal cords.
  4. Pitch Training: The Pitch Training tool on Singing Carrots can significantly help you enhance your pitch accuracy, a key element in delivering ‘Turning Page’ effectively.
  5. Song Practice: Using the Vocal Pitch Monitor, you can monitor your sung notes in real-time, helping you fine-tune your delivery.

‘Turning Page’ is a beautiful song to sing, and with patience and practice, you’ll be hitting all the right notes soon. Remember to take care of your vocal health and give your voice the rest it needs.