How to Learn Singing “The Lightning Strike: II. The Sunlight Through the Flags” from Snow Patrol

Learning to Sing “The Lightning Strike: II. The Sunlight Through the Flags” by Snow Patrol

This enchanting song by Snow Patrol, famed for its melodic charm and emotive tone, is built around a specific vocal technique – the heavy modal voice. This technique is also utilised in hits like “Chasing Cars” by the same band and “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. To master this song, you’ll need to understand this vocal approach.

Understanding the Heavy Modal Voice

The heavy modal voice emphasizes a rich, full-bodied sound. You can experience it by speaking loudly, as if you’re talking to somebody across a busy road. It’s crucial to use proper breath support and maintain an open throat while singing. Try exercises like the Singing Comfort Zone and the Mixed Voice drills to practice.

Applying the Technique to “The Lightning Strike”

The heavy modal voice shines in the song’s chorus. Take each line separately, practice it with the Vocal Pitch Monitor, and consolidate the learning with the Pitch Training game. Once you start getting comfortable, try increasing the dynamics gradually.

Sculpting the Song’s Unique Sound

Snow Patrol’s “The Lightning Strike” is a masterpiece in its use of dynamics, and your goal should be to carry the listener on this journey with you. Remember to avoid constricting the voice when singing louder parts. Use the Good Singing Posture video to check your posture and make sure you’re supporting your voice correctly.

Mastering the Song

After getting familiar with the whole song, try singing along to the karaoke version using the effective learning techniques. Finally, use our vocal range test to see how the song fits your voice and, if needed, adjust the song’s key using our song search.

Singing “The Lightning Strike: II. The Sunlight Through the Flags” may challenge you, but the richness of its melody and emotionality makes the journey worthwhile.