How to Learn Singing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia – Voice and Piano with Fiddle” from The Charlie Daniels Band

The Charlie Daniels Band – The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Learning to sing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” involves mastering the art of story-telling mixed with the unique touch of country vocal style. This song requires high energy, clear articulation, excellent breath control, and a touch of twang.

Getting Started

Start by finding your vocal range and your pitch accuracy. Compare your vocal range to that used in this song and plan your technique accordingly.

Vocal Techniques To Master

The dominant vocal technique used in this song is Twang. Twang helps engage the country music feel of the song, adding an element of sharpness and brightness to the sound. The technique involves narrowing the vocal tract, intensified adduction of the vocal cords, and a higher position of the larynx. You can achieve it by focusing the voice as if it’s coming from the nose.

Watch the following video to understand and exercise Twang.

Articulation and Story Telling

Related to that, working on articulation is necessary for this song. This song is a fast-paced dialogue, so enunciation is key. Articulation exercises known as Finger Bite can assist you with this.

Breath Control

Another technique to work on is breath control. The song doesn’t have obvious places to breathe which can be a challenge for many singers. It is advised to use Active Exhaling Breathing Mode for this song. Check Farinelli Breathing for further practice.

Vocal Health

As you attempt to replicate this style, it’s essential that you always prioritize your vocal health. Practice safely, stay hydrated, avoid strain, don’t apply excessive closure and large vocal folds mass in high pitch. Read about vocal health to maintain the quality of your voice.

Other songs to try

As you improve your skills, you could also try songs like “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash and “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, which employ similar techniques.

Final Thoughts

Your goal is to master the techniques, apply emotion, and tell the story through your words and music. Try searching for other songs within your capability and sing regularly for practice. Good luck!