How to Learn Singing “Take Me To Church” from Jasmine Thompson

Learning to Sing ‘Take Me To Church’ by Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson’s rendition of ‘Take Me To Church’ is marked by her unique use of the ‘Mixed Voice’ technique. This style allows her to seamlessly blend her chest and head voices, offering a rich, resonant sound without any harsh vocal breaks. Learn more about voice registers here.

Step 1: Understanding the Song

Find ‘Take Me To Church’ on our Song Search feature. Study the melody, lyrics, and the key. Make sure to observe how Jasmine implements the ‘Mixed Voice’ technique, particularly in the chorus.

Step 2: Identifying Your Vocal Range

To sing like Jasmine, you must first understand your vocal range. Take our Vocal Range Test to find out where your voice fits in.

Step 3: Practicing ‘Mixed Voice’

Once you understand your vocal range, it’s time to practice the ‘Mixed Voice’. Watch this Mixed Voice Exercise Video and aim to smoothly transition between your chest and head voices without any noticeable breaks.

Step 4: Refining Pitch Accuracy

Consistent pitch accuracy is crucial in mimicking Jasmine’s style. She transitions between her head and chest voices effortlessly without falling off key. Use our Pitch Accuracy Test to perfect your pitch.

Step 5: Applying the Technique to the Song

Now it’s time to sing ‘Take Me To Church’. Use our Vocal Pitch Monitor to ensure you’re hitting the right notes with the correct technique. Listen to how Jasmine transitions between notes and try to emulate this in your performance.

Spotlight on Technique: Other Songs Using ‘Mixed Voice’

The ‘Mixed Voice’ technique isn’t exclusive to ‘Take Me To Church’. It’s also used in popular hits like Sia’s ‘Chandelier’ and Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’. Check these songs on our Song Search feature.

Happy Singing!