How to Learn Singing “Stranger To the Rain” from Kelli Rabke

Learning to Sing “Stranger to the Rain” by Kelli Rabke

“Stranger to the Rain” is a challenging yet rewarding song that employs unique vocal techniques. Specifically, the song utilizes a Broadway-style form of belting that requires solid breath control and consistent vocal support. A similar technique can be found in popular songs like “Let It Go” from Frozen and “Defying Gravity” from Wicked.

Understanding Your Voice Type

Before starting, you should understand your voice type. This will help maximize your strengths while learning the song. Our Vocal range test can help you with this. You should also note that Broadway belting usually requires a bit of “twang” to achieve the distinctive style.

Techniques Used In The Song

Belting out those high notes requires adequate breath support along with a relaxed and open mouth & throat. Keep your posture straight to facilitate proper airflow. Learning to belt in a healthy way could also benefit you for other songs in your repertoire.

Learning The Song

To learn the song effectively, check our strategies on how to learn a song. You can make use of our Song search tool to find other songs that match your vocal range and capabilities.

Pitch Accuracy

Maintaining accurate pitch is vital in this song. Try our Pitch accuracy test to see how accurately you can hold pitches. A tool like our Vocal Pitch Monitor can also be helpful in visualizing your pitch as you practice.

Preventing Damage to Your Voice

Vocal health can’t be overlooked. Belting can be strenuous for your vocal cords so remember to not strain your voice. Our article on Vocal health can provide tips to prevent vocal injuries.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Remember, mastering this song will take time and practice. Make sure to warm-up before you begin each practice session, learn the song by parts, and sing with emotion while maintaining proper technique. And most importantly, have fun!