How to Learn Singing “Hey Ladies” from Beastie Boys

Learning to Sing Beastie Boys’ “Hey Ladies”

“Hey Ladies” by Beastie Boys is a fascinating song to learn because of its unique vocal technique that blends traditional rap vocals with nasality, particularly in the chorus. The ability to effectively deliver these vocals requires a specific approach and understanding of rap vocals and mastering nasality.

Understanding The Vocals

The vocals in “Hey Ladies are delivered with a degree of nasality. This technique is also observed in songs like “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees and “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. To understand your own nasality, use our vocal range test and listen for a more resonant sound in your voice.

Techniques For Learning The Song

Start by familiarizing yourself with the song. Listening to the rhythm, melody, and the unique Beastie Boys’ rapping style is essential. Here’s a guide about how to learn songs effectively.

Then it’s time to work on your rap delivery and nasality. For the rapping part, focus on your speech articulation. This article on Articulation will be useful. For nasality, you’ll want to control the airflow to your nasal cavity. This video, Soft Palate technique, will provide a practical approach on how to control your nasality.

Practice The Song

Once you are comfortable with the style and techniques, it’s time to practice the song. Using the Vocal Pitch Monitor, sing along to the song and see your sung notes on a virtual piano. This will help to fine-tune your pitch accuracy.

Try Similar Songs

“Hey Ladies” has a vocal range from E4 – A5, targeting typically a higher range voice. Experiment with matching songs in this range using our song filtering tool.


Learning to sing “Hey Ladies” involves understanding rap vocals, mastering nasality, and practice. Use the Singing Carrots resources to make your learning journey much simpler and enjoyable.