How to Learn Singing “Always There” from Secret Garden

Learning to Sing “Always There” by Secret Garden

“Always There” by Secret Garden is a beautiful ballad that requires proper breath control and a good sense of pitch. The song primarily uses a soft chest voice, engaging the mixed voice for the higher notes. Let’s delve into the techniques one by one.

Understand Your Voice and Song Range

Begin by understanding your unique voice type. Use our vocal range test tool and then compare your results with the vocal ranges of famous singers. Once you know your range, search for songs matching your vocal profile with our song search tool.

Breathing and Breath Support

The slow tempo of “Always There” requires long, sustained notes. Proper breathing basics and breath support are crucial. Practice with the Farinelli Breathing exercise to improve your breathing stamina. This technique is also applicable to songs such as Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.”

Voice Registers

This song starts in a comfortable chest voice, moving to a mixed register as it progresses. Familiarize yourself with voice registers & vocal break and practice with our Singing Comfort Zone video.

Pitch Accuracy

“Always There” has some complex melodies which requires precise pitch control. If you struggle with this, our article on why we sing out of pitch might be helpful. Also, measure your pitch accuracy with our Pitch Accuracy Test.


Clear articulation is essential for the emotional delivery of the lyrics. The Finger Bite exercise video can assist with improving articulation.

Practice and Performance

Lastly, check out our article on how to learn a song effectively, and use our Vocal Pitch Monitor for real-time feedback. Consider our tips on performing on stage and watch the Stage Tips video when you’re ready to take the spotlight.

Learning “Always There” will not only sharpen your vocal skills but also enrich your singing repertoire. Take your time, be patient, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Happy singing!