How to Learn Singing “Alone, Pt. II” from Alan Walker & Ava Max

Learning to Sing “Alone, Pt. II” by Alan Walker & Ava Max

“Alone, Pt. II” is a hit song enjoyed by many due to its catchy tune, unique style, and challenging vocal techniques. Mastering this song involves understanding your voice (How to analyze your voice) and knowing your voice type (Voice types). Ava Max employs a variety of vocal registers and utilizes her unique vocal range in the song. Practice your vocal range with the Vocal range test to ensure that you can comfortably reach the highs and lows of the song without straining your voice.

A key point to note in “Alone, Pt. II” is the belting technique used in chorus. Belting is a powerful vocal style often used in contemporary music to achieve high emotional intensity. This technique is also used by singers like Whitney Houston in “I Will Always Love You” and Adele in “Rolling in the Deep”. Learn more about contemporary vocal techniques in this article.

To sing this song effectively (How to learn a song effectively), break the song down into sections and work on each part separately. The Vocal Pitch Monitor is a good tool to use to ensure that you’re hitting the right notes.

Also, Ava Max sings this song with vibrato, a vocal technique that adds expression and emotional depth to a song. This technique is employed in other songs such as “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Learn to incorporate vibrato in your singing with this article and this exercise video.

Lastly, ensure that you warm up properly before practicing the song using the 3 Minute Warm Up and monitor your progress with the Pitch accuracy test.

Remember to engage your audience when performing, just like Ava Max does. For more on this, refer to Tips for performing on stage and How to overcome stage fright.


  • Understand your voice and vocal range.
  • Master the belting technique and apply vibrato for emotional depth.
  • Break down the song, practice each section separately, and continually monitor your pitch.
  • Engage your audience when performing.

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