Can you sing in tune?

Test your pitch accuracy and practice to improve it

Test my pitch accuracy Start pitch training

Prepare your mic and headphones.

How does it work?

vocal range test illustration

Step 1: Select an exercise

We prepared a set of vocal exercises to measure and train your pitch accuracy. Each exercise is a note sequence, that can additionally help to work on tempo, air maintenance, range extension, and so on. If you are not sure what to choose, then start from Exercise #1.

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Step 2: Play the melody and sing along

All the melodies can be played in the key and tempo of your choice. Our virtual piano allows you to adjust any exercise to work within your vocal range and at a comfortable pace.

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Step 3: Use the mic to see if you are in tune

We will display which pitches you are supposed to sing and which you are actually singing. If you hit the correct note we will highlight it with color. We will display your pitch accuracy as % of correctly hit notes on time to the total number of notes.

vocal ranges of famous singers illustration

Step 4: Repeat more and track your progress

Now when you know your current level you can work to improve. You can get the benefits out of the practice only if you exercise regularly. We will help with tracking for how long and when did you practice. We will also save and track your pitch accuracy, so you can see how you progress.

No need for a musical instrument or a teacher to be present. Just your mic, your headphones, and 20 minutes of your time per day.

Test my pitch accuracy Start pitch training