Analyze your singing voice

Get qualitative, actionable feedback on your voice from a professional vocal coach

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How does it work?

  1. Once you make a purchase, we will send you instructions on how to submit your video or recording for a professional vocal coach to review.
  2. The vocal coach will listen to your recording. Based on that the coach evaluates your sound, breath, resonance, vibrato, and so on.
  3. You will receive a written report (see example) with vocal technique evaluation and a recommended list of exercises tailored to improving any weaknesses in your vocal technique.
Total cost: $ 40.00

We provide a money back guarantee. If you don't find the report useful we will ask for your feedback and refund your money.

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What's in the report?

Each report will assess your:
  • Breath management
  • Intonation
  • Diction
  • Constrictions
  • Vocal registers
  • Nasality
  • Twang
  • Onsets & offsets
If you record a video it will also cover:
  • Posture
  • Jaw
  • Tongue tension
  • Lips

Based on the evaluation the teacher will suggest a couple of vocal exercises to improve on your weak points.

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Our teachers

Meet our team, they are ready to help.

We will assign one of our experienced vocal coaches to prepare your report.

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Dominika Zawada

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Celina von Wrochem

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Kat Carson

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here's what you'll have to do:

  • Choose a song to record at least 1 minute of you singing it
  • Find a karaoke version of your song on YouTube
  • Record your voice:
    • Find a quiet place without external noises
    • Put on the headphones (or one headphone if that's easier)
    • Start the recording
    • Play the karaoke version of your song through the headphones
    • Sing along the melody into the mic
    • The recording should contain only your voice (that's why you need to use headphones)

Sound quality

Your mic doesn’t have to be professional, but make sure the recording doesn’t have any background noise.

Audio or video?

You can do either, but we advice to make a video. It will give us a little bit more information to work with.

If recording a video

Place yourself in front of the camera in a way that your head and the upper half of your torso are visible (everything above the belly button). Don’t stand too far away from the mic, so we can still hear you well.

We will send you this instructions by email after you make a purchase.

After you make the purchase one of our teachers will contact you by email and will ask you to share the recording file via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

The recording should contain one song and fit within 5 minutes.

Most songs are 2-3 minutes long. If you chose a longer one, don't worry. Just record examples of the verse and the chorus. That's normally enough material to give you feedback.

We used this 'gibberish' language to show you the report structure without revealing the actual content. The real report that we will prepare for you will be in English.

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