The Eagles vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

E2 - B5

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
Teenage Jail (E2-D4)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
One of These Nights (E3-B5)

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Voice types

Based on their range the artist can perform songs for:

Bass (E2-E4)

Baritone (A2-A4)

Tenor (C3-C5)

More songs by the artist

Please Come Home for Christmas (F3-A4)

Busy Being Fabulous (G3-A4)

Learn To Be Still (F#2-F#4)

Tryin' (A3-A5)

Victim of Love (F3-G4)

Frail Grasp on the Big Picture (F3-A4)

The Disco Strangler (C4-A4)

A Good Day In Hell (G3-A4)

On the Border (E3-B4)

Hole In the World (F#2-B4)

Try and Love Again (A3-B4)

Seven Bridges Road (D3-A4)

Best of My Love (A3-D5)

The Sad Café (B2-C#5)

Those Shoes (B2-D5)

Get Over It (F2-A4)

Long Road Out of Eden (F#2-A4)

The Greeks Don't Want No Freaks (A#2-G4)

Lyin' Eyes (D3-B4)

Desperado Part II (E3-B4)

Saturday Night (D3-A4)

Business As Usual (F#3-A#4)

New York Minute (A2-A3)

Out of Control (F#3-A4)

James Dean (C#3-C#5)

Too Many Hands (C3-A3)

Already Gone (G3-A4)

Fast Company (D3-B4)

Peaceful Easy Feeling (B2-D4)

In the City (A3-B4)

All Night Long (A#2-A3)

Love Will Keep Us Alive (A3-G#4)

It's Your World Now (D3-A4)

Heartache Tonight (D3-B4)

Desperado (D3-B4)

Bitter Creek (A2-C5)

Midnight Flyer (G3-A4)

The Long Run (A3-A4)

Most of Us Are Sad (D3-E4)

Earlybird (G3-G4)

Ol' 55 (C3-E5)

Take It Easy (D3-C5)

Is It True? (G3-A4)

Doolin-Dalton (C#3-B4)

Hotel California (E3-A4)

Outlaw Man (E3-B4)

The Best of My Love (E3-A4)

Tequila Sunrise (D3-E4)

No More Walks In the Wood (G2-A#4)

Certain Kind of Fool (A3-D5)

Waiting In the Weeds (A#2-A#4)

Take the Devil (E3-A4)

Take It To the Limit (E3-C#5)

What Do I Do With My Heart (E3-D#5)

My Man (A#2-B4)

I Can't Tell You Why (B2-B4)

Doolin - Dalton Part II (C#3-G#4)

Witchy Woman (F2-A#4)

The Girl From Yesterday (G2-A4)

New Kid in Town (C3-G4)

King of Hollywood (F#2-C#5)

You Never Cry Like a Lover (C3-C5)

Hollywood Waltz (E3-E4)

Wasted Time (C3-C5)

You Are Not Alone (D3-D4)

After the Thrill Is Gone (D3-B4)

Center of the Universe (C3-A4)

Life in the Fast Lane (G3-G#4)

No More Cloudy Days (E3-G4)

The Last Resort (A2-E5)

I Wish You Peace (E3-F#4)

Do Something (E3-A4)

Visions (E3-G#4)

Nightingale (D3-B4)

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